I left my award winning teaching career to become a homeschool mom and remote ESL teacher

Picture this…

I just finished an exhausting week at school and watched other teachers purposefully do things to sabotage their peers for personal gain.

I was emotionally drained and done with the daily experience I was having outside of my classroom door. 

So, I had a choice. Stay there and become dull and miserable too, or make a change.

I had this crazy idea that I could be my own boss.

But the question was…how?

Enter direct sales.


Constant human motivation and drama.

NOT my cup of tea.

So, onward I went…..

I had this incredible idea, to start a business, blog, and YouTube Channel.

The question was what was I going to talk about.

Well, it’s important that when you’re doing something of solitude like building a brand online, that you pick something you’re passionate about.

I am passionate about teaching and love technology.

So, I decided to start teaching online with VIPKid and I teach other teachers how to expand their teaching beyond the conventional classroom, too!

Then, as I began to grow within the VIPKid platform and had more time on my hands during the day, I found myself questioning why we were paying to send our children to private school.

Having a Christan education was a non-negotiable for us, so public school was out.

But, you know what I found?

I found myself desperately wanting to mold my own children.

To walk through the emotional, phsyical, and spiritual growth with them.

I found myself asking them about their days and getting 1 word answers.

I tried open-ended questions with no avail.

Then, a friend a neighbor was planted in my life that homeschools.

I had NEVER considered it before because I thought it would be so hard.

This person has no idea they influenced me because we never talked about it until I approached her for more information.

Now, a few months later, here I am.

Living my best life, teaching my children, and thanking God for opening this stubborn momma’s eyes and heart to what I consider the greatest blessing – molding our children.