How do I start freelance teaching?

This is question I get the most. I am happy to share with you that it is a simple process. All you need is a bachelor’s degree in any field and you can go to hi.megjensen.com/teach to start the process. 

And, when you use that link above, you get access to all my support through the process and I will teach you to master the process to educating online.

Additionally, you can check out all my videos about the process at hi.megjensen.com/videos

How do I start a blog?

Starting a blog is super simple and can be done for free. However, if you’re starting a blog to eventually reach more and grow through the content you will share on your blog, then I highly recommend getting a wordpress.org website.

What is SEO

Find everything you need in my VIP Resource Section

Can I request a blog post?

Yes, please do! Chances are if you have the question and you can’t find the answer on my website, it will help others. Send me an email at meg@megjensen.com

Is this your full-time job?

Yes! I transitioned into teaching online because let’s face it, once a teacher, always a teacher. I love getting to see my kiddos every day virtually and I can even be in my PJs! 

If you want more info on how I do this, click here.