How Does VIPKid Work in 2020?

  • Meg Jensen 
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There are 6 main steps to getting hired for VIPKid in 2020


VIPKid asks 3 questions to prescreen you and will either flag your application or streamline it.

What 3 questions do they ask?

  1. What is your education?

To teach for VIPKid you must have a Bachelor’s degree. It doesn’t have to be in education, it can be in anything.

2. This raises the question of how do you show experience teaching? You must have at least 1 year of teaching experience to teach for VIPKid.

Well, they accept different forms of experience with children. Think of the following when adding up your experience…

Summer camp



Sunday school

***Be sure to select the 1 year instead 12 months if you have 1 year of experience. If you choose the 12 months, your application will be automatically discarded.

3. Are you a Native English speaker that lives in Canada or the USA?

You must be native and from one of the 2 countries. You can travel and even live in other countries, but you must be a citizen for 1 of the 2 countries AND be a native English speaker.


There are 4 options for the interview.

  1. Live Interview – virtually with a live mentor, offering instant feedback.
  2. Recorded Interview – record yourself and someone will get back to you.
  3. SMART Interview – Fast Track and done on smartphone.
  4. Attend a Workshop – Day long coaching session in major cities.


High energy

Smiling and Happy

Prepared with VIPKid knowledge and teaching strategies

***Base pay will be determined during this step of the process.


This can sound very intimidating and I want to encourage you to take a deep breath. This mock class will be held with a current, highly qualified VIPKid teacher and they are so kind.

What will they be looking for?

That you’re prepared

Know the material

Willingness and ability to use a variety of props

You will have 2 options to study for teaching.

They mentor may allow you to choose which option or they might tell you.

So be sure you’re prepared and ready with the materials and the classroom environment.

***They will be watching you as if they are the parents. They are looking for teachers that can roll with the flow, smile, and have fun.


You will get to choose the different levels you want to teach. They are offered in a basic form first, and then an advanced form after you’ve demonstrated mastery of the skills and content.

The majority of children in China learn English. In fact, VIPKid reports that on average, households budget 18% of income to go towards English lessons.

So, parents are looking to VIPKid to offer their child an opportunity to speak to a native English speaker, honing their pronunciation, grammar, and conversational skills.


This is free and conducted by VIPKid. You will receive an email requesting you to complete the form.


Set up your profile to show off your skills. I have a video on this as well on you YouTube Channel.


I hope this was helpful and that you’ll join me over on YouTube. 🙂

How Does VIPKid work? All of your burning questions answered and how to get started effectively today.

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