Hey, friend! I’m Meaghan, but most people call me Meg because it’s easier.

I am beyond pumped to have you here on my website. I have so much to share with you, but first I want to tell you a little bit about my story.

In 2016 I graduated with a Master’s in Education and went on to become an award-winning Kindergarten Teacher my very first year of teaching.

It was amazing and I loved what I did. Seeing the unfiltered joy of life through a child’s eyes every single day made me so happy! 

There was a major problem though. 

I was surrounded by educators who were miserable and caddy. 

The education system and lack of support for teachers and the constantly increasing workload had worn them down. 

This terrified me because I did not want to lose my passion for teaching. It brings me so much joy


So, picture this…

I just finished an exhausting week at school and watched other teachers purposefully do things to sabotage their peers for personal gain.

I was emotionally drained and done with the daily experience I was having outside of my classroom door. 

So, I had a choice. Stay there and become dull and miserable too, or make a change.

The American Dream?

I am not the type of person who will sit there and let life fly by.

I am also not the type of person who wants to live someone else’s dream.

Growing up, I didn’t have any stability and I always thought I wanted the American dream.

I wanted the yard, husband, kids, and to have a picture-perfect life I never got.

I quickly realized that was not attainable nor was it a healthy vision.

Life is messy and as humans, we will mess up.

The crucial point that will eventually define success through failure is the willingness to grow from our experiences.

I left teaching 3 years after graduating with a Master’s Degree. 

I started a direct selling business and though I was very successful and even earned 2 “free” cars, I was not the type of person who could partake in constant human motivation for the rest of my life either.

So, enter my next decision checkpoint.

I left direct sales and in October 2019, just 1 year after beginning and I started my own educational freelance business.

And, something began to grow in my soul. 

As I spent time at home during the day with flexibility, I began to volunteer at my kids school a lot. I saw the daily grind that I was in before and I relized my kids were now doing the same thing.

They were trained to sit for hours and hours and chastised when they spoke out of turn or asked a question at the wrong moment.

As educator’s we have to have a hold on our classroom, so I completely understand the necessity of order. It just breaks my heart to see so many teachers so impatient and my kids on the receiving end of things.

So, here we are….

I am now a remote ESL teacher and I am a homeschool mom. Never in my wildest dreams did I think this would be our family. 

I’ve always firmly stood against it.

I am so thankful to God for opening my eyes and my heart and blessing me with the opportunity to raise them right and mold them to be amazing humans.


10 Fun Facts About Meg

1. I am a voracious reader that loves Harry Potter.

2. I love piping hot soup on cold days.

3. I wake up at 3 am every day. Yes, I know it sounds crazy, but I realized that I am WAY more effective and productive when I am fresh compared to the evenings. So yes, I go to bed with my kids, but I am up early having my quiet time and kickin’ it out of the park! 🙂 

4. My top 5 strengths are: Strategic | Achiever | Futuristic | Focus | Discipline

5. I am incredibly ambitious, and I don’t settle for “good enough.”

6. I am completely in love with my family!

7. I love being creative traditionally on paper and digitally through video editing.

8. I am a coffee and tea addict.

9. I am learning to love myself for who I am.

10. It is rare that you will see me with matching socks. Who has time for that? 🙂