My Favorites!



Camera and Lens

 Canon EOS M50

Studio Lighting

Limo Studio


Pop Voice


 iMac 27″

Website Development is the way to go. I originally started with and it was very easy to create, however, I found out that as I grew I wasn’t able to optimize my website for SEO and I was limited in so much. 

**Note** and are completely DIFFERENT and I do not recommend

WordPress Plugins & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Elementor Pro is by far my favorite plugin. It gives me the feel of wix and the amazing drap and drop features. There is a free version that will suffice for a while if you’re new.

YoastSEO is the bomb diggity for optimizing your site, connecting to social platforms, and so much more! YoastSEO is the bomb diggity for optimizing your site, connecting to social platforms, and so much more! They offer a newbie education course that I highly recommend if you’re just starting out with


Tube Buddy is my go to for figuring out effective keywords to include in my YouTube videos to improve my reach. It also allows you to search and find content topics that are relevant for your niche.

Editing Software

iMovie is my video editing for all my YouTube videos. You can even use it on your iPad, MacBook, and iPhone.

Social Media Platforms

It is important to select 3 to 4 social media platforms to focus on when building your presence online

I use Facebook, InstagramYouTube and TailWind for Pinterest


I use Canva Pro for all of my designs. When I say all, I mean all still editing. It is amazing! They also offer a free version that is very versatile, too.

Blogging and Content

Grammerly is great for making sure you’re using appropriate grammar when composing. You just copy and past the text in here or you can add the plugin to your browser.

Hemmingway is amazing at finding complicated sentences when composing. You just copy and paste the text and it will highlight areas for you to review.

Email Marketing

Using email automation can save a lot of time and keep your sanity when it comes to building an email list.