Manage Social Media the Right Way as a Business Owner

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I fought social media tooth and nail back in 2011-2013 after we lost our son unexpectedly.

So much so that I even created a blog about embracing life without social media.

Talk about a mind-shift.

I was young, hurt, naive, and stubborn.


You see, I struggled for a really long time to find joy in life, and social media was a constant reminder that my joy was stolen.

Then, something happened.

My younger children started school and it was time for me to go back to the workforce.

I was a classroom teacher and the being in the classroom began developing a joy within me for others again.

It was wonderful!

I began creating again and as I applied my skills to creating educational tools for other teachers to use in their classrooms, I quickly learned about online marketing.

resource library

Online marketing allowed me to launch my materials into the hands of other teachers.

From there, I learned that many other amazingly talented business owners had so much to offer, yet they weren’t growing an online audience the way they could.

Marketing with Meg was born.

I began creating videos and information to teach other, like-minded entrepreneurs how to harness the power of social media to authentically grow their online audience.


As a small business owner, the internet can be a tool of great power if used the right way.

Yes, there is a right way.

In this free resource, I share with you there are 3 Key Steps to Managing Social Media as an Entrepreneur


This is critical because, in today’s world, there is so much information and people are inundated.

Getting specific about WHO you are talking to will create a more engaged audience.


What age, gender, profession, etc. are you looking to attract?

For example, my target audience is men and women age 24-45 that are small business owners.

Don’t be afraid to get specific here. The more specific, the better.

Pro Tip: When you talk to everyone, you talk to no one. Don’t be too broad.


Where does your audience live?

Are you a local boutique owner or hairstylist?

Then your audience is likely going to be local to you for services, and you can extend eCommerce and education via social media platforms beyond your local community.


This is a critical component to this recipe for success. You HAVE to identify and claim the problem you are solving for your audience.

For example, if you are a nutritionist dedicated to teaching others about the Vegan Lifestyle, specifically and clearly state what you’re solving for people within the community.

Are you teaching them recipes that save time?

Or maybe you are teaching people to transition to the Vegan lifestyle effectively.

Whatever it is, this is going to be your target question for every single piece of information you put out.


Think of it as your objective.

If what you are sharing, saying, or posting doesn’t go back to this topic and focus on solving this problem, then you would benefit from reevaluating.

This can seem redundant and I know it can feel like you’re saying the same thing over and over but trust me….

Your audience will be so in tune and know that when they have a question about the problem you are solving, they’ll come to you.

If you’re posting about random things and all over the place, they will be confused and won’t associate you with the problem they have.

See, doesn’t that make sense?


Now that we understand the WHO, we need to target the WHAT. We will set a plan of action.


Here are the questions to think about when deciding on your action plan.

What platforms are you already using?

What is your target audience more likely to use?

What level of consistent commitment are you willing to have for posting and engaging?

Do you already use automation for posting or are you willing to?

What content do you already have to share?

Once you answer these questions, you’ll be ready to select and set up your platforms.


There are 6 main platforms as of 2020.

Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Selecting a platform that will connect you with your best audience requires the previous step of evaluation.

For example, if you are looking to attract professionals such as lawyers and doctors, a great place for you to connect is LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.

Pinterest is not going to be a focal point for you.


Next, you need to set your goals for social media.

I would like to caution you from setting goals of likes and followers.

Instead, focusing on engagement is more productive.

When you provide valuable content to your audience, they will naturally come.

I do not recommend running ads, in the beginning.

This will produce an added expense for you.

Your focus, in the beginning, should be to produce valuable content that will help your audience for the first year.


Inside this free workbook, you’ll get the tools to see what your results will be from the previous sections.

Plan out your first 5 pieces of content and decide how you will present them.

On a blog post?

On a YouTube video?

Lastly, I want to encourage you to explore automation platforms such as ConvertKit and TailWind.

These platforms are amazing for creating automation and making your life so much simpler, allowing you to focus on producing content and engaging with your audience.


In the end, it is important to focus on 3 things when developing your online presence.

  1. The Why
  2. The How
  3. The What

When you stay focused on these areas, you’ll see great growth.

Stay focused and let’s connect on Instagram!


Social Media is a valuable tool for small business owners if used the right way. Get this free download to evaluate, plan, and execute a social media strategy that will skyrocket your digital audience growth.

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Meaghan (Meg) is a former conventional classroom, award-winning educator that is passionate about education. Meg is a homeschooling mom and remote ESL teacher, and she shares her wealth of knowledge and passion for education to help other like-minded people.