tired teacher

For the tired teacher.

The meetings, the parents, the barometer children, the paperwork, the meetings, the timed bathroom breaks. 

It’s all so much.

You got into the profession of teaching because you love lighting up the lives of little ones.

Not because you wanted to be evaluated constantly and in 5 different ways each semester.

You passed the state standards and demonstrated your ability to educate.

Continuing education should be enough. 

It is enough.

You are asked to do so much and yet, your self care and personal development are always put on the back-burner when it comes to effectiveness and school district performance.

It’s important to stay current and to ensure that our littles are getting the best from us, yes!

At what expense though?

How about the amount of money you spend on your classrooms?

It is strange that the only profession that creates ALL others is grossly under-appreciated and devalued on the daily.


I UNDERSTAND what you’re going through.

I was a teacher too. An award winning one. And I walked away after 3 years.

I did not want to become the misery that surrounded me and I wanted to keep the joyful reason I entered the field of education – to grow perspectives in littles that will become contributing members of society.

You are worthy.

You are amazing.

You are appreciated.

If you want to learn more about how I left the traditional classroom and now teach solely online, drop your deets below and you’ll get access right away.

For the homeschooler.

The fear of homeschooling is legit.

I remember saying I would NEVER homeschool because my children would never listen to me.

I wouldn’t even have them in the same school that I was teaching at because I didn’t want them misbehaving when they saw me.

They aren’t monsters, they just really love their momma and there were almost always tears at drop off.

Then, something happened that changed my mind.

My son came home saying he was a “yellow” kid and they he will never be a “green” kid.

Yep, his teachers were giving him a stigma that could’ve damaged him had I not intervened. 

We even moved his school with the first teacher, and then, the second school did the same thing.

We were paying (private school) to send our child to be chastised for being a child and wanting to talk during the day.

That was the last straw.

Thus, our homeschooling journey began and my only regret is not doing it sooner.

Are there hard days? 


It can take over and cloud the incredibly amazing opportunity to experience learning together with our children.

I want to encourage you that self-doubt is normal in the beginning.

That’s why you have to find your people.

Find your people that uplift you, encourage you, and love you for who you are.

People that will inspire you, make you laugh, cry with you, and just be a friend.

On my website and my YouTube Channel, that is what you will find.

I share curriculum, ideas, and a ton of freebies as I make them for the homeschooling families.

Get an inside look at curriculum, a behind the scenes look on how I teach lessons, and more.