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In 2011, after our oldest son passed away at the age of 14 months, I started a blog that was a journal of my life as a stay-at-home, bereaved mother. I shared information about the struggles, the joys, and everything else in between. It brought me great joy to have that outlet as I ventured through the toughest job I’ve ever had.

As my family and I moved through the years with littles at home, my blog also evolved and sadly, ended up on the back burner as I pursued my Master’s degree in education. Eventually, I deleted my blog as I felt that chapter of my life was over and I didn’t have anything else to share.

As I began my life as a teacher and working full-time, I found very quickly that I missed being part of my children’s lives at school and being there for them. As a result, I decided it was time to find a different path that would allow me to work from home while they were at school and also be present when I was needed at their side or school.

My first attempt at this venture was starting a direct selling business. I was actually really good and it seemed very fun in the beginning. However, I learned very quickly 2 things very quickly…

The first was that I missed being in the classroom so much! I missed the joy on my students’ faces when they figured things out and the growth throughout their Kindergarten year.

The second was that I was not loving that my success depended solely on my ability to motivate others to work their business and my ability to work more when my team wasn’t working. Eventually, this led to me being gone most weekends and evenings, completely doing the opposite of my goal and reason for beginning the business. Yikes.

So, being the person that I am and not one to stay in a dulling situation that isn’t serving me, I returned my free car and started my own business that would allow me to harness two areas that I excel in and love – teaching and technology.

Enter, megjensen.com and marketingwithmeg.live podcast. I am thrilled to have the blessing of being able to strive for excellence in my own business and help other small and medium-sized business owners scale their reach to the masses using technology.

Hear more about me, my journey, why I do what I do, and just how I do it.

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Meaghan (Meg) is a former conventional classroom, award-winning educator that is passionate about education. Meg is a homeschooling mom and remote ESL teacher, and she shares her wealth of knowledge and passion for education to help other like-minded people.